Goodland, Robert (ed), Suriname’s Bakhuis Bauxite Mine: An Independent Review of SRK’s Impact Assessment. Paramaribo, Suriname: Bureau VIDS, 2009.

This report presents the findings of an independent review team of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of a proposed bauxite mine in the Bakhuis Mountains of Suriname. The review was commissioned by Bureau VIDS representing the indigenous peoples of Suriname. Contributors include:  Robert Goodland, longterm advisor to the World Bank; Vivieane Weitzner, specialist on gender and development at the North-South Institute of Canada; Ann Maest, aqueous geochemist; and Stuart Kirsch, anthropologist at the University of Michigan.


Kirsch, Stuart. Freedom and Development in Suriname. Poverty in Focus 17:12-13. Special issue on Indigenizing Development, eds. Alcida Ramos, Rafael Osorio, and José Pimenta, 2009.

For indigenous peoples, development does not always enhance freedom, as the case of a proposed bauxite mine in Suriname suggests.


Bakhuys Mountains, West Suriname.


Preparations for bauxite mining, West Suriname.


Rehabilitation of Wane Hills bauxite mine operated by BHP Billiton and Suralco in East Suriname.

Suriname the cat 111

“Within the [mining] concession, they do whatever they want.” BHP Billition/Suralco minesite in Wane Hills, West Suriname after closure.

Suriname the cat 124

Produce on sale at the St. Laurent du Maroni market in French Guiana produced by Indigenous peoples from the Lower Marowijne River region in Suriname. Top:  awara, a palm fruit used to make a rich and refreshing drink, awara oko, the pulp from the fruit, which is used to make the drink, mangoes, and coconut oil.

St. Laurent, French Guiana 054

Kumbu, a palm fruit used to make a rich drink that tastes like hot chocolate, and peppers

.St. Laurent 071

Kasiri, or cassava beer, and kaheli, also from cassava.

st. laurent 064

Grated bitter cassava, used to bake cassava bread.

St. laurent 063

Shop walls in Albina, Suriname.

Suriname the cat 149

Suriname the cat 151

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